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shpih [entries|friends|calendar]
Mr. Arbel's mom's jr.

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Because this place needs an update. [18 Nov 2004|08:08pm]
scalpel tr0n: XThatsNotKosherX: my tears floosh in the wind
SharinGunKaKashi: hoold on im scaning the hot man
SharinGunKaKashi: when did i say that!?!??!?
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[16 Aug 2004|09:25am]

[ mood | dying ]


XThatsNotKosherX: gthrow ur tears with love
seraph serenades: YOU'RE CRAZY
XThatsNotKosherX: no lol
XThatsNotKosherX: its a ong from x japan
seraph serenades: it's dry your tears
seraph serenades: you silly silly man
XThatsNotKosherX: but throwing sounds better
XThatsNotKosherX: worthy of a jpanaese man who cant speak english properly
seraph serenades: aww
XThatsNotKosherX: it makes me giggle
XThatsNotKosherX: teehee
XThatsNotKosherX: now he said draw ur tears with love
XThatsNotKosherX: in israel we had this song that went
XThatsNotKosherX: draw u a mastash
XThatsNotKosherX: seriusly
XThatsNotKosherX: it was a hit
XThatsNotKosherX: time to the rain will set u free
XThatsNotKosherX: love eer lasting will last the wave
seraph serenades: poor toshi
XThatsNotKosherX: yes
XThatsNotKosherX: ;-;
XThatsNotKosherX: my tears floosh in the wind
XThatsNotKosherX: a life with me ull be less hurt?
XThatsNotKosherX: hurtness
XThatsNotKosherX: im thinking of getting pokemon green or red...


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[13 Jul 2004|06:20pm]

[ mood | sisi ]

I'm pregnant with Arbel's child.

O NOEZ!!!!11111

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Mmm.. [24 Apr 2004|12:00pm]
Welcome to the community dedicated to the shpih master himself. Yes, I have a life... :/

Anyway, no real introduction is necessary, I don't think. Read the info for more useless text.

Oh, best part.
Why we love Arbel.Collapse )
Must I say more? :3
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